The Next Generation of Digital Art: Current Student Works in Japan

Thursday, 3 August, 11:30 am - noon
Room 157

Since the 1960s, Japanese digital artists have been internationally recognized for their pioneering work. In 2002, media art and its subfields were introduced as required topics in junior and senior high school art classes. As a result, the digital arts, including computer graphics, have been demonstrating broader acceptance and diversity. The Japanese government has started supporting media art, and today's Japanese art students, whose works have been highly evaluated even overseas, are entering a new phase of creativity.

This paper reports on the current education and support system for media art in Japan and considers the future of emerging talents by examining examples: the student section of the Media Arts Festival, n_ext: New Generation of Media Artists (shown in a media art museum at the NTT InterCommunication Center), GLOBAL MEDIA (shown at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography), and the Meta-Visual Educational Kit.

Tomoe Moriyama
The University of Tokyo/Curator, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
DZD00256 (at)