Modeling Art History: Exploring Edward Hopper's Nighthawks Outside and IN!

Thursday, 3 August, 11 - 11:30 am
Room 156

An interdisciplinary approach to group collaboration, research methods, and critical thinking for a freshman computer graphics class using a 3D modeling tool to solve an art history problem. The approach also challenged the group to explore modeling technology they had not yet learned and create a series of documents to archive the project and process.

Inspired by Rutgers University's SIGGRAPH 2002 and 2003 presentations, as well as the animated Vermeer exploration from the Computer Animation Festival, students are assigned a painting and asked to research it, the painter, and the subjects, and produce a 3D model of the world of the painting. This session shares the results of the exploration of Edward Hopper's famous painting, Nighthawks. The full series of projects summarized in this presentation includes theater design problems, architectural visualization problems, and more.

John C. Finnegan
Purdue University College of Technology at New Albany
finnegan (at)

Carley Augustine
Purdue University College of Technology at South Bend

Richard Kopp
Purdue University College of Technology at New Albany