The Graphics Teaching Tool

Thursday, 3 August, 9 - 9:30 am
Room 156

Being a literate citizen requires at least a basic understanding of computer graphics principles. One must be able to critically evaluate digital visual materials, make decisions using digital visual representations of data and ideas, and use computers to create effective visual communications. Existing curricular resources, however, are mainly aimed at students in computer science and related fields. For the majority of students, who do not pursue technical degrees, there is virtually no recognition of the importance of basic graphics principles or even reference to their existence. A novel interactive graphics teaching tool (GTT) addresses the needs of this audience. The GTT is a Java-based application (and applet) that offers 2D and 3D graphics in a single environment. It is expressly designed for teaching and uses a mental-model-based pedagogical approach not found in commercial graphics software.

Anne Morgan Spalter
Brown University
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Dana K. Tenneson
Brown University