Multidisciplinary Collaborative Learning Via 3D Game Development

Wednesday, 2 August, 11 am - noon
Room 157

The tremendous growth of the 3D, first-person video game genre provided a vehicle for creation of a one-year, upper-level undergraduate experience in multidisciplinary, highly collaborative software design and implementation. This panel reports on a team-taught course that encompassed concepts from computer science, digital media, film, theater, and music. The learning environment balanced individual experiential skills development with reflective analysis of media implementation as students built a media-rich interactive game. Panelists provide four perspectives on the design and execution of the course and resulting game: computer science, digital art , audio technology, and writing.

Ursula Wolz
The College of New Jersey
wolz (at)

Chris Ault
Teresa Nakra
Kim Pearson
Phil Sanders
The College of New Jersey