Entered Apprentice: A Luddite Factory for Undergraduate Learning in Computer Animation

Thursday, 3 August, 8 - 8:30 am
Room 156

This research seeks to use the underpinnings of Free Masonry, specifically its method of symbolically applying the principles of architecture and operative masonry to the science and art of character building, to construct a series of levels that will compel learning through failure.

Although the initial application has been in 3D computer animation, the need to synthesize raw data and construct compelling narratives will transcend disciplines. In many ways, information technology and the automation which accompanies it, has diminished the amount of failure in our traditional learning model. Three-dimensional animation, specifically, has grown increasingly reliant on tutorial models that achieve isolated outcomes without implanting abstract knowledge. The decoding of Masonic language can become a model cipher for constructing effective learning in the forthcoming conceptual age.

Bill Hill
Jacksonville University
whill (at) ju.edu