K-12 Mediated Education With SMALLab

Thursday, 3 August, 8 - 9 am
Room 157

A research group at Arizona State University is undertaking a long-term initiative to develop mediated environments and curricula for K-12 education that utilize learning methods and outcomes from the both the arts and sciences. A central goal of the work is development of a new tool for experiential education, the Situated Multimedia Art Learning Lab [SMALLab]. The framework is low-cost, re-configurable, and can be installed in classrooms or community centers. The initiative emphasizes development of an open environment that leverages naturally expressive, multimodal interaction through sound and movement.

David Birchfield
Arizona State University
dbirchfield (at) asu.edu

Roger Bedard
Wilhelmina Savenye
Harvey Thornburg
Arizona State University