Should an Introduction to 3D be Required of all Undergraduate Majors in Design?

Thursday, 3 August, 1 - 2 pm
Room 157

In the SIGGRAPH community, we take it for granted that a working knowledge of 3D computer graphics is a valuable if not necessary part of preparing design graduates for job opportunities in an industry where 3D is a significant part of game design, motion-picture production, web3D design, even graphic design or PDA content.

What if there is not a consensus among the design faculty? What if some faculty feel a 3D core requirement is a waste of time, and that it consumes precious credit hours from other courses that are more relevant to a concentration? What if undergraduate graphic design majors complain that they don't understand why they have to suffer through an introductory course in MAYA?

What are the arguments for or against a mandatory introductory 3D course as a general core requirement?

Gregory Garvey
Quinnipiac University
greg.garvey (at)