Neurological Gaming Environments

Wednesday, 2 August, 3 - 3:45 pm
Room 157

Dream Dreaming is an interactive, three-dimensional, neurological gaming environment that uses IBVA4, the latest version of the Interactive Brain Wave Visual Analyzer, a brain wave interface system. This intelligent game contains 3D objects that are animated by brain waves.

The object of Dream Dreaming is to use brain wave activity to move a boat into water in the 3D environment, which is accomplished by being in a coherent theta or delta mental state. The lower and more coherent the brain wave frequency, the deeper the boat moves into the water, and a spirit object begins to surface. As the brain-wave signals switch to higher frequencies, the boat comes out of the water and appears on the screen again, as the spirit object disappears.

Paras Kaul
Hyperspace Technology, Inc.
brainwavechick (at)

Masahiro Kahata
Psychic Labs, Inc.