Virtual Reality and Art Education: Experiments at the Ingenuity Festival

Wednesday, 2 August, 3 - 3:45 pm
Room 157

The Cleveland Museum of Art's pavilion at the Ingenuity Festival showcased a variety of innovative technologies including: a hologram of the 5,000-year-old Stargazer, an autostereoscopic animation of a 14th-century Table Fountain, and a stereoscopic video of an 18th-century French writing desk. To create the hologram, 200 photos of the Stargazer were taken over a 60-degree arc resulting in a spectacular integral hologram.

The animated Table Fountain allowed viewers to envision gears turning, water flowing, and bells ringing in this one-of-a-kind object. Rendering nine different views for the autostereoscopic display allowed for 3D viewing without special glasses. The stereoscopic video of the French writing desk was an experiment in art object interpretation and demonstrated an extraordinary collaboration among artists, technologists, and curators as well as a unique viewer experience. This presentation outlines the technical and aesthetic challenges that went into creating these works.

Jared Bendis
Case Western Reserve University
jared.bendis (at)

Leonard Steinbach
The Cleveland Museum of Art