Designing Adaptive Multimedia Interactives to Support Shared Learning Experiences

Wednesday, 2 August, 2 - 2:30 pm
Room 156

The goal is designing this multimedia interactive exhibit for an aquarium gallery was to use adaptive technologies to better immerse and engage visitors in complicated educational concepts about the life of wild belugas. The beluga simulation interactive uses extremely realistic 3D graphics and is based on an intelligent system that allows the virtual belugas, in a natural pod context, to learn and alter their behavior based on contextual visitor interaction.

The beluga interactive design was informed by: research data from the aquarium's live belugas (for example, voice recordings tied to mother/calf behavior), multimedia resource materials, interviews with the marine mammal scientists and education staff, and its proximity to and integration with the aquarium's live beluga exhibit.

Steve DiPaola
Simon Fraser University
sdipaola (at)

Caitlin Akai
Simon Fraser University