Play to Learn: Exploring Educational Games in Museums

Wednesday, 2 August, 11:30 am - noon
Room 156

A quick overview of various museum online educational games that use scenarios, role-play, simulation, creative play, puzzles, mysteries, and Bones: An Exhibit Inside You and OLogy as main examples for discussion. This paper explores how to embed learning outcomes in designing online educational games, especially in the museum context, and it addresses the challenges of creating such games from several points of view, including: graphic design, narration, scripting, character development, and designing the learning sequences.

By examining various productions, the paper hopes to achieve a better solution for small and budget-conscious museums. It also summarizes the implications for future museum online gaming development by examining the most recent MUSE Awards winners from the American Association of Museums (AAM), which recognize outstanding achievement in museum media.

Herminia Wei-Hsin Din
University of Alaska Anchorage
Hdin (at)