6. Illustrative Visualization for Medicine and Science

Full-Day, 8:30 am - 5:30 pm
Level: Intermediate
Room 156

Research and recent development in computer-generated illustration techniques within non-photorealistic rendering. The course concentrates specifically on illustration methods for computer-generated technical, scientific, medical, and interactive illustrations of both surface and volumetric data. It also presents the perspective of two medical illustrators on computerized illustration.

Required: intermediate knowledge of 3D computer graphics and scientific visualization algorithms. Programming experience using a 3D library for interactive graphics and some awareness of existing NPR techniques may be helpful. Not required: prior knowledge of or background in artistic techniques, traditional scientific illustration, or perceptual psychology.

Intended Audience
Researchers and practitioners interested in non-photorealistic and illustrative rendering, visualizing and managing scientific data, and/or interactive medical and scientific applications of computer graphics.

David S. Ebert
Purdue University

Mario Costa Sousa
University of Calgary

Bill Andrews
Medical College of Georgia

Stefan Bruckner
Technische Universität Wien

Bruce Gooch
Northwestern University

Don Stredney
Ohio Supercomputer Center

Nikolai Svakhine
Purdue University

Ivan Viola
Technische Universität Wien