30. Performance-Driven Facial Animation

Full-Day, 8:30 am - 5:30 pm
Level: Intermediate
Room 205

Performance-driven facial animation (PDFA) has recently been adopted in a number of important entertainment projects. This course describes tracking, cross mapping, and model derivation technologies used in PDFA, and summarizes unresolved issues. Leading researchers and industry specialists present current and forthcoming motion-capture techniques, cross-mapping technologies, and application case studies from important recent and current projects.

Familiarity with computer graphics modeling, animation, and rendering concepts and algorithms. Knowledge of computer graphics mathematics and linear algebra is required to fully understand the theory topics.

Intended Audience
Computer graphics researchers and professionals involved in facial animation for digital characters.

Fred Pighin
Industrial Light & Magic

J.P. Lewis
Stanford University

George Borshukov
Electronic Arts

Chris Bregler
New York University

Parag Havaldar
Sony Pictures Imageworks

Jim Radford
Moving Picture Company

Steve Sullivan
Industrial Light & Magic

Mark Sagar
WETA Digital Ltd.

Tom Tolles
House of Moves, Inc.

Li Zhang
Columbia University