16. OpenKODE: An Open Mobile Media Development Environment

Half Day, 8:30 am - 12:15 pm
Level: Intermediate
Room 102

OpenKODE is an open, cross-platform, royalty-free development environment for mobile media. This cohesive framework includes APIs for 3D graphics, scalable vector graphics, video, audio, and an open digital-asset schema designed for interactive applications. This course provides an overview of each of OpenKODE's constituent technologies.

Programming experience in C or C++ and some graphics programming experience. Working knowledge of OpenGL and the mathematics of computer graphics is helpful. Experience with video or audio processing is helpful.

Intended Audience
Software developers who are targeting the mobile media market. Desktop or workstation application developers who need an introduction to developing for mobile media. Anyone who wants to learn about this exploding market.

Randi Rost
Intel Corporation

Lars Bishop
NVIDIA Corporation

Chris Hall
Seaweed Systems

Robert Simpson
Bitboys Oy

Dan Rice
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Brian Murray

Mark Barnes
Sony Computer Entertainment America

Timo Suoranta
Futuremark Oy