11. "The Chronicles of Narnia": The Lion, The Crowds, and Rhythm & Hues

Half Day, 1:45 - 5:30 pm
Level: Intermediate
Hall C

For its work on "The Chronicles of Narnia," Rhythm & Hues created a new work flow, new tools, and new procedures. This course offers a detailed look at the production, from Aslan to the crowds of mythological creatures in the battle. Detailed topics include proprietary software, pipeline, rigging, fur, dynamics, crowds, and more.

Intermediate knowledge of 3D work flow, procedures, and terminology is helpful but not required. Topics range from intermediate to advanced.

Intended Audience
Anyone with an interest in film character work, including students looking for an overview of how large productions run and seasoned professionals looking for ideas to incorporate into their work.

Brad Hiebert
Rhythm & Hues Studios

Jubin Dave
Tae-Yong Kim
Ivan Neulander
Hans Rijpkema
Will Telford
Rhythm & Hues Studios