Computer Animation Festival

Terrence Masson
SIGGRAPH 2006 Computer Animation Festival Chair
Digital Fauxtography Inc.

Computer Animation Festival Trailer (QuickTime, 19.6 MB)

Interweave your senses with this year's finest film and video achievements by the world's most creative scientists, entertainers, superstars, vagabonds, studios, and students. The Computer Animation Festival presents selected works in the Electronic Theater (matinée and evening shows) and the Animation Theater (throughout the week).

Electronic Theater Pre-Show:
World's Biggest Etch A Sketch

Officially endorsed by the Ohio Art Company and a possible Guinness World Records entry, the Electronic Theater pre-show will allow the audience to control the two famous Etch A Sketch knobs in real-time and draw interactively on the main projection screen. Each audience member will use a two-sided "wand" to signal a preference to the sensor cameras. One configuration will allow the left half of the audience to turn the left knob. The other will allow the right half of the audience to turn the right knob. The two halves will attempt to "group think" and trace various graphics on the giant screen by collectively turning the knobs and "shaking" the screen clean. The pace will pick up quickly as new, fast, and funny tasks flash before the audience.

The World's Biggest Etch A Sketch is an original concept by SIGGRAPH 2006 Computer Animation Festival Chair Terrence Masson. Patented interactive technology and game design provided by Cinematrix Interactive Entertainment Systems.

The Etch A Sketch product name and the configuration of the Etch A Sketch product are registered trademarks owned by the The Ohio Art Company.

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