Creative Manipulation of Space, Time, and Image

Thursday, 3 August
3:45 - 5:30 pm
Room 207
Art Gallery Sketches

Cybernetic Ceremony
This work is an experiment with Meta-Phorms. A Meta-Phorm (meta+metaphor+form) is intended to be the visual appearance/materialisation of an abstract creative proposition by setting geometrical forms into a game relationship.

Sherban Epuré
bles17 (at)
Bringing the Virtual World into the Real World or Vice Versa
Input and output devices are essential to human interaction with a computer. But there is more to it than keyboard, mouse, and screen.

Christopher Bauder
From a Concept of Defamiliarization to Realization
An innovative approach to defamiliarization in which the confidante becomes alienated and can be perceived in a completely new way.

Florian Witzel
Fraunhofer Institut
Fwitzel (at)