Electronics and Art: More Than Meets the Eye

Thursday, 3 August
10:30 am - 12:15 pm
Room 207
Art Gallery Sketches

A new style of interactive artwork with an original thermal sense display that allows users to feel the temperature of visually displayed objects.

Kumiko Kushiyama
kushi (at) ea.mbn.or.jp

Momoko Inose
Rie Yokomatsu
Kinya Fujita
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

Toshiie Kitazawa
Mototsugu Tamura
Shinji Sasada
Nippon Electronics College
Evolution of GORI.Node Garden
A novel approach to representing networks. This sketch presents project developments so far.

Jee Hyun Oh
Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication
jee (at) gorigardeners.net
An experiment with matched mechanical, electrical, and visual resonances, using a spring and light. This is not a computer simulation; this is a physical, vibrating strobed spring.

Jeff Lieberman
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab
lieb (at) alum.mit.edu
The Wall Hanging: A Site-Sensitive Cloth
Woven on a traditional handloom, the interactive wall hanging features a dynamic LED array. When it is triggered by the viewer's position, the scrolling display presents narrative texts related to the exhibition location.

Barbara Layne
Hesam Khoshneviss
Concordia University
layne (at) alcor.concordia.ca