Listen Up!: Creative Audio and Image Relationships

Wednesday, 2 August
10:30 am - 12:15 pm
Room 207
Art Gallery Sketches

The reacTable*
An electronic multi-user musical instrument with a tabletop tangible user interface, designed for novices in installations and advanced electronic musicians in concerts.

Sergi Jordà
Martin Kaltenbrunner
Günter Geier
Marcos Alonso
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
sergi.jorda (at)
A real-time audio/visual performance system based on keyboard typing. Sounds and images are controlled by inputting the keywords. Typography and geometrical images are in sync with sounds, which produces cool vibes.

Sadam Fujioka
Kyushu University
fuctracker (at)

Osamu Sambuichi
Toshiba Information Systems (Japan) Corp.
Autarkeia Aggregatum: Autonomous Points, Emergent Textures
A visual-music piece that unfolds as a constantly transforming, massed animation of nearly 12,000 individual points. This sketch outlines the technical and aesthetic approach to the work.

Bret Battey
De Montfort University
bret (at)
Ignotus the Mage
Synesthetic art, multimedia, and intermedia have a long but sporadic history as inspirational ideas in the arts. Can digital technologies bring intermedia to the continuum of artistic practices?

Paul Hertz
Northwestern University
paul-hertz (at)