Innovative Construction of Image and Form

Tuesday, 1 August
3:45 - 5:30 pm
Room 207
Art Gallery Sketches

Voice Mosaic
The process and technologies used to create the Voice Mosaic, a mosaic of colors and voices on the web generated through phone calls. This work is presented in the SIGGRAPH 2006 Art Gallery.

Martha Carrer Cruz Gabriel
Universidade de São Paulo
martha (at)
Your Memory Connected
A generator that retrieves online memories based on the user's artistic statements and generates collages from them.

Chao-Ming James Teng
Edward Shen
Pattie Maes
Henry Lieberman
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab
jteng (at)
Hilbert Cube
This space-filling recursive curve that looks like a cubist brain was made of stainless steel and bronze with a new rapid-prototyping process that requires neither molds nor machining.

Carlo H. Séquin
University of California, Berkeley
sequin (at)
Designing Symmetric High-Genus Sculptures
A procedure that uses topological mesh modeling and a prototyping machine to create new sculptural forms.

Ergun Akleman
Ozan Ozener
Texas A&M University
ergun (at)