Transforming the Image Plane: New Processes for Artistic Expression

Tuesday, 1 August
1:45 - 3:30 pm
Room 207
Art Gallery Sketches

Mosaics and Ukiyotiles
An ukiyotile is a type of mosaic that, like pointillism, is characterized by non-overlapping brushstrokes of organically varying sizes that come together to form a larger image.

Vladimir Sierra
vladimir (at)
Digital Abstract Images
The aim of my work is to combine digital technology with analog thought. I try to convey psychological and emotional states along with a sense of spirituality.

Hye Kyung Kim
Kyung Hee University
khkyung7 (at)
Ray Tracings of the In Between
A unique look at a process of prolonged exposure, three-dimensional laser painting. Two works by this artist are on display in the SIGGRAPH 2006 Art Gallery.

Shawn Lawson
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
lawsos2 (at)
Insectinsight: A View of Time
Insectinsight is a single, continuous 56-foot long digital print. The artist demonstrates the use of a special camera by imagining the life of an insect.

Ansen Seale
Seale Studios
ansen (at)