Meta-Visual/Media/Space-Algorithmic "Intersection": the new aspect of media art exhibition

Monday, 31 July
8:30 - 10:15 am
Rooom 207

The main subject of this paper is a new methodology in exhibition design and analysis in the field of digital art/media art - a type of "intersection." It examines the past and future of image media history, and it explores various encounters, hybrid remixes, and effective fusion between various fields such as art and science.

The paper describes media art exhibitions using background data and the investigation of cultural media facilities. The author carried out this research over two years (2003-2004), as a member of the Media Arts Research Committee, Japan Ministry of Education and Science. The paper also investigates numerous media art exhibitions over the past 10 years at the Images & Technology Gallery in the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography.

The digital art/media art exhibition plan, which focuses both on media history and media artists' work, involves questions of how to construct the space, install each work, organize the touring exhibition, and obtain feedback from visitors. Although this investigation was mainly aimed at media art facilities in Japan, the investigation uses a genetic algorithmic method that could be universally applied to other venues in this field. Finally, the paper proposes a new technique that can be used in future digital art/media art exhibitions to make the field more popular and universal.

Tomoe Moriyama
Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
Tokyo, Japan
DZD00256 (at)