Living Laboratories: Making and Curating Interactive Art

Monday, 31 July
8:30 - 10:15 am
Rooom 207

This paper describes the development of laboratory concepts in the making and curating of interactive art. In November 2004, the Creativity and Cognition Studios, University of Technology, Sydney, and the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, launched an initiative that seeks to realise the concept of the exhibition as living laboratory through the participatory qualities of interactive computer-based art. Beta_space is an experimental exhibition area within the Powerhouse, which extends the interactive art research studios of CCS into the public context. The paper describes the underlying concepts and discusses the methods and challenges that the living laboratory brings to interactive art practice.

Lizzie Muller and Ernest Edmonds
Australian CRC for Interaction Design
University of Technology, Sydney
Sydney, Australia
ernest (at)
emuller (at)