Painting in a Digital World: I Told You So

Sunday, 30 July
1:45 - 3 pm
Rooom 207

A question mark hangs over the category of digital painting. The use of Photoshop and Painter has spread so far among contemporary painters that it is taken for granted. It may be little more than scan, adjust, print, and copy, but who wants digital virtuosity for its own sake? It is no longer new technology, but background technology. Does it still make sense to think of the "digital artist" as working at some remove, as advanced? Does the digital artist have to be at the edge to be impressive, tied in with an experimental application? Doesn't mainstream art have its own set of edges? Who are the dilettantes?

As the categories dissolve, the prospect opens up some interesting exhibitions: a new dialogue with what used to be dismissed as "traditional" painting. Digital shows will need to lighten up, drop the flashy graphics and the futurology. A critical overview is overdue, with artists telling their own stories, and critics arguing for their preferences. As non-digital art and digital art continue to overlap, it is time to do without the defensive barriers.

James Faure Walker
University of the Arts, Camberwell
London, United Kingdom
james (at)