Flashimation: The Context and Culture of Web Animation

Sunday, 30 July
1:45 - 3 pm
Rooom 207

The purpose of this paper is to explore the origins and effects of Flash animation. It examines the forces that turned animators toward the web, Flash's visual style and the meanings with which it is associated, and the result this turn has had on modern animation and the current animation community. Though it is a recent popular development, the lineage of Flashimation can be traced to advances in technology throughout the past half-century, with television and the internet acting as the catalysts. In both cases, these advances involved development of a new visual and animation style from technological constraints. As a result, the medium of Flashimation has developed a contextual association that extends beyond its simple visual style. A focus of this paper is this intersection of content and medium. It also examines how this interplay divides the modern animation community.

Dan L. Baldwin
Purdue School of Engineering and Technology, IUPUI
Indiana, USA
danbaldw (at) iupui.edu

Michael S. Daubs
The University of Western Ontario
Ontario, Canada

John B. Ludwick
Indiana University School of Infomatics, IUPUI
Indiana, USA