Review and Upon Acceptance

The Guerilla Studio is integrating a juried submission process for a select group of projects. Submissions for select categories (Working Artists/Collaborative Projects, Performance Artists, Gaming) will be reviewed and juried for the Guerilla Studio. The jurors will focus on the work's creativity, concept, and technique along with the overall relationship and appeal to the SIGGRAPH audience. Essential aspects for acceptance are: If your work is not accepted, that is not a reflection on its quality. Because of space limitations, we are only able to accept a limited number of pieces. In addition, the Guerilla Studio reserves the right to curate selected works that serve the broad goals of the Guerilla Studio.

Proposals will be reviewed shortly after the submission deadline. Notification of acceptance or rejection will be sent via email in mid April. The jury needs to know how your project will be developed at SIGGRAPH 2006, how it will be displayed, how you will collaborate with attendees, essential technologies for your project, and other relevant details at the time of the jury meeting.

Upon Acceptance
Accepted artists are responsible for the following upon acceptance: