Guerilla Studio

"Dreams are the touchstone of our character ... Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you have imagined."
Henry David Thoreau
The Guerilla Studio is the manifestation of individual and collective dreams. SIGGRAPH 2006 can be viewed as the tipping point for the Guerilla Studio. As a community of creative individuals, we've gone from a guerilla movement at the annual SIGGRAPH conference to a supported program, back to a quasi-guerilla group of renegades, and now we're again being supported and recognized for our creativity, commitment, and determination to present a magical and inspiring program.

The Guerilla Studio is where attendees come to create. We are set up to help attendees utilize the latest hardware, software, and input and output technologies, and apply them to their own areas of computer graphics. The mission of the Guerilla Studio is creation of innovative and exploratory content. In a blink, we embrace the creative energy and intellectual capital of the moment! Determination, change, evolution, and innovation are essential elements for the birth of new modes of thinking and creating; the Guerilla Studio embodies these modalities of action to facilitate the realized, and sometimes unrealized, dreams of SIGGRAPH 2006 attendees. We are the creative space at the conference. We offer an outlet for serious experimentation, play, and growth.

The Guerilla Studio is inviting technologists, artists, theatrical performers, and educators to lend their expertise to a massive, integrated network of machines for realizing ideas in 2D, 3D, 4D, and n-dimensional media. This is an opportunity to think across disciplinary boundaries and expand your skill sets using the latest data-capture devices, computer applications, and output devices. The Guerilla Studio provides a hands-on creative environment for transformations of all kinds. It is a place to act, a space for investigating process, and an evolving environment for transforming materials and ideas, and for transforming yourself.

Unlike other SIGGRAPH programs, the Guerilla Studio is not calling for completed projects. We are looking for contributions of interesting new technologies (hardware and software), innovative ideas for projects, and creative methodologies that address the potentialities of real-time collaborations to produce finished works at the end of the conference. The Guerilla Studio is also collaborating with Emerging Technologies, The Art Gallery, and Sketches to review submissions for SIGGRAPH 2006. The four programs will jointly review submissions that are focused on technology, art, concepts, and the unusual. Your submissions will be reviewed and coordinated to find the best possible opportunity for your display, presentation, or concept.

The Guerilla Studio is specifically looking for contributions in the following categories:

Working Artists/Collaborative Projects
The Guerilla Studio is interested in working with a variety of artists (sound, visual, performance, video) and facilitating collaborative projects. Your project should explore the technologies available in the Guerilla Studio, or you can introduce a new technology. Your project should embrace transdisciplinary activities and actively engage and encourage attendees to participate in your project. Output generated by Working Artists will be displayed in the Guerilla Studio and potentially a fusion exhibition space between the Art Gallery, the Guerilla Studio, and Emerging Technologies.

Performance Artists
Are you a performance artist who integrates multiple technologies (motion capture, projection technologies, collaborative techniques, analog and digital output, etc) into your work? We are interested in working with a performance artist to create a performance piece that integrates the Guerilla Studio's technologies and collaborative potential. Your project should explore and embrace innovative techniques for expression, improvisation, and collaboration.

Are you a game developer? Do have an idea for a game that could utilize the Guerilla Studio's technologies and creative energy to integrate the gaming experience into a project at SIGGRAPH 2006? Then follow the Submission Procedures for Guerilla Studio Gaming. If you're not interested or up to creating a game specifically for the Guerilla Studio or your ideas don't fit the Gaming criteria, there are also opportunities for game development tutorial sessions in the Guerilla Studio. Please send inquiries directly to the Guerilla Studio Chair.

Do you teach digital media? Have you designed a tutorial for a 3D solid modeling application or introduced your students to the problem of color management in a digital environment? Have you found the ideal way to balance introduction of technical skills with qualities of artistic mind and creative invention? We need your expertise in developing clear pathways through the maze of software and hardware at SIGGRAPH 2006. We would also be interested in having the Guerilla Studio serve as a test bed for your own theories on teaching art using digital media. We are interested in putting together a team of educators who will be brainstorming on the pedagogical dimensions of the Guerilla Studio.

Tutorials and workshops have become a popular feature of the Guerilla Studio. We are interested in both tutorials conducted in the context of a potential Guerilla Studio Interactive Classroom and hands-on workshops on the Guerilla Studio floor. Please send inquiries directly to the Guerilla Studio Chair.

The Guerilla Studio is collaborating with the following SIGGRAPH 2006 programs:

Emerging Technologies
Artists and technologists working with innovative and interactive technology-driven techniques should submit their work to either Emerging Technologies or the Art Gallery.

Art Gallery
Artists whose works are complete should submit their work to the Art Gallery. If you have a project that can utilize the technologies and expertise available in the Guerilla Studio and manifest itself in an hour, a day, or a week, you should submit your proposal to the Guerilla Studio.

Artists, technologists and educators are highly encouraged to also submit a Guerilla Studio Sketch. This is a perfect forum to speak about your art (concepts, techniques, innovations, etc.). Theoretical sketches may also be submittted to the Sketches program (a separate submission is required).

SIGGRAPH 2006 Guerilla Studio Chair
Temple University
Tyler School of Art