New for SIGGRAPH 2006

Connecting & Reconnecting Communities
To broaden the scope of the SIGGRAPH conference, we want to connect with new communities and reconnect with disenfranchised communities. We especially encourage submission in the following areas: Work in Progress Sketches
We added a special "work in progress" keyword for unusual and inspirational ideas that challenge assumptions and broaden our concept of computer graphics and interactive techniques. Submit fresh, half-baked, and odd ideas that are likely to generate a lot of discussion. It is perfectly fine, and encouraged, to branch out into areas where you have little or no background. Work in progress submissions follow the usual submission format but will be reviewed by the Sketches Jury using separate criteria.

Companion Sketches
Authors of accepted Emerging Technologies, Guerilla Studio, Computer Animation Festival, and Art Gallery submissions are highly encouraged to submit a companion sketch. These sketches replace what used to be called Emerging Technologies and Art Gallery presentations. Authors of accepted papers are encouraged to submit a companion implementation sketch. These companion sketches will be reviewed by the Sketches Jury under special consideration of the already-accepted piece.

No DVD or VHS Submissions
Last year, we accepted DVD and VHS submissions for jury review. This year we will only accept uploaded videos in QuickTime, MPEG-4 or DivX Version 5 formats.