Implementation Sketches

An implementation sketch is supplementary to a paper presentation. It deals with technical details and non-trivial issues regarding the implementation of the technique presented.

One of the greatest things about the SIGGRAPH conference is the enthusiasm it generates. Every year, attendees return home with plans to implement what they saw and ideas on how to use the new techniques.

The SIGGRAPH Papers program is the premier forum for presentation of new research by the computer graphics community. However, between the pure science presented in a paper and real-world implementation of the same idea, there is sometimes a difference that cannot be covered in the limited time provided to presenters.

Bridging the Gap
If you are a paper author, we encourage you to present a supplementary sketch that presents details on implementation of your new technique. We know that sometimes there are little details and tricks that wouldn't make sense to explain in the paper, but that make an implementation easier or the tools more usable. Sometimes the implementation is non-trivial, and you might want to explain why, outside of the constraints of your main paper presentation. Even if your approach is relatively straightforward, you might want to show off how you are using the techniques and/or tools you developed.

Our intention is to help people who are following up on your ideas avoid "reinventing the wheel."