How to Submit Your Work

The Sketches online submission system will be closed on Wednesday, 12 April 2006, 5 pm Pacific time. All forms must be filled out, and all materials must be successfully uploaded by that time. The Sketches submission deadline will be strictly enforced. Please do not wait until the last minute to upload your files. See Uploading Files for complete information.

Use this checklist to ensure that your submission is complete and that it meets all applicable program requirements:

1. Create an online SIGGRAPH 2006 Sketches Submission Form as soon as you decide that you will be submitting a sketch. (You can change your mind later.)

When you create this form, your entry will be assigned a Submission ID number, of the form "sketches_0042," that will be used to identify your submission throughout the review process. Make a record of this number. There will be some fields in this form that you cannot complete at this time. You will go back and fill these in later.

2. Prepare a print-ready version of your sketch. The document must be a one-page PDF file. You may use the SIGGRAPH template for papers (restricted to one page). An example sketch submission can be found at Other instructions can be found at under the heading "Educators Program, Emerging Technologies, Panels, Posters, Sketches, Special Sessions, and Web Program".

Sketch submissions are not anonymous and should include the names of all collaborators on the work and their institutions. Your single page PDF should be self-contained, and it should include a description of the novel aspect of the work, along with appropriate figures, tables, results, and references.

Prepare the document with the Submission ID number alongside the printed title. For example: "Rendering Hair (sketches_0239)." In all other ways, the document must be in final format. Submissions that are more than one page long or that are improperly formatted will not be considered.

3. Prepare a JPEG thumbnail image to act as a visual reminder of the sketch. Each submitter is required to upload an image that can act as a visual reminder of the sketch. The image can be any size, but the submission system will automatically resize it to fit within 150 x 150 pixels. The thumbnail will be used in the jury process to help jurors remember which sketch is which. It will also be presented along with a brief summary of your sketch on the SIGGRAPH 2006 web site. The image can be anything at all, such as a frame from an animation, a test result, a photo of the apparatus, or your corporate logo, just so it ties in to the sketch somehow.

4. OPTIONAL: Non-native English speakers may use the English Review Service to help with the text of submissions. Please note that this takes time, so your submission should be sent to the English Review Service well before the final Sketches deadline.

5. OPTIONAL: Prepare electronic versions of your optional supporting materials. The one-page submission must stand alone as an overview and summary of the proposed sketch. But in many cases, it is impossible for the jury to evaluate a sketch without seeing the results or project demonstrated in more detail. Accordingly, submitters may provide supporting material in the form of video, images, and/or further documentation:

6. After your documents are complete, return to this web site and complete the SIGGRAPH 2006 Sketches Submission Form. The title that you enter in this form must exactly match that of the document. List all authors of the work. Make sure that the keywords you enter in this form are appropriate for your submission.

7. After you begin the submission process, you will be able to upload your PDF file containing the print-ready version of your sketch described in 2 above, the thumbnail image described in 3 above, and the optional support files described in 5 above. With slow or unreliable network connections, uploading is not always smooth and easy. The total size of all uploaded data should not exceed 40 MB. Please don't wait until the last minute to start uploading your files. See Uploading Files for complete information.

Finally, please review Frequently Asked Questions for more tips and guidelines on how to prepare your sketch and what to submit.