The Sketches program, one of the most dynamic programs of the annual SIGGRAPH conference, provides a forum for new and thought-provoking ideas, techniques, and applications in computer graphics and interactive techniques.

Sketches cover a broad spectrum of topics in art, design, science, and engineering, and include provocative speculation, academic research, industrial development, practical tools, and behind-the-scenes explanations of commercial and artistic works.

This year, we are particuarly interested in connecting with new communities and hearing about work in progress, and are encouraging companion sketches for works accepted by Papers, Emerging Technologies, the Guerilla Studio, and the Art Gallery.

Whether you are developing new techniques or using existing ones in novel ways, we want to hear from you. We encourage submissions from academia and industry, as well as independent work. International contributions are especially welcome. Please consult How to Submit Your Work before preparing your submission.

Be a part of this exciting exchange of ideas and techniques. Contribute your sketch to SIGGRAPH 2006!

SIGGRAPH 2006 Sketches Chair
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL)