Research Posters

The Research Posters program presents the newest developing research in computer graphics and interactive techniques. New in 2004, it proved to be a lively program for discussion and exchange of ideas, and an opportunity for students to break into the research field.

Because of the low organizational overhead for Research Posters, we can set the submission deadline much later than for other programs -- very close to the conference itself.

Research Posters provide a unique forum for research that is younger or smaller than appropriate for the Papers or Sketches programs, including: The Research Posters program provides two forms of presentation. First, posters are displayed throughout the conference week. This allows attendees to browse and study posters at their convenience, and devote their time to those projects that interest them most.

Second, poster presenters are available for scheduled sessions of informal interaction and discussion. This allows attendees to receive explanations in person and allows presenters of new research to receive feedback and ideas in the early stages of their work. Poster presenters are encouraged to bring laptop computers to their sessions in order to show images, play animations, and give demos.

We invite submissions from researchers in all areas of computer graphics and interactive techniques. We strongly encourage researchers in interactive techniques, especially from fields not previously represented at the SIGGRAPH conference.

We also strongly encourage students to submit their work as a way to "break in" to the research community and as an opportunity to participate in the Student Research Competition (SRC). Students can request that their submitted and accepted posters be sent to the SRC for entry in the competition. Winners receive awards and recognition, and the SRC can provide funding for competitors to attend the conference. For more details, see: Student Research Competition.

Research Posters and SRC were successful introductions at SIGGRAPH 2004. Now, for their third year, we want to continue making them a fresh addition to the rest of the conference program. Show us your latest and in-progress work!

SIGGRAPH 2006 Research Posters & Student Research Competition Chair
Colorado School of Mines