Do you remember your first SIGGRAPH conference? I do! I was a brand-new grad student, a bit (ok, a lot) intimidated by my advisor, and I had been accepted as a student volunteer at my first conference, ever! Along with a couple other grad students, I drove to Atlanta (1988) and wandered into a crowd of 35,000 people. I was overwhelmed! What were all these things, Electronic Theater, Papers, Panels, Courses, and the Exhibition? I had no idea! Luckily, being a student volunteer helped. There were other SVs there who knew the cool stuff (the very first Pathfinder mentors?) and helped us score pins, cool swag, and make the most of our week. I had fun, worked hard, and learned a lot!

While years have come and gone, the number of new attendees at the annual SIGGRAPH conference has not diminished, and the size and breadth of the event has increased. Now, it isn't just the first timers who have that overwhelmed feeling. There is now so much to do and see that it's hard to fit everything in without careful planning. In order to help newcomers and veterans alike make the most of their week at SIGGRAPH 2006, we need your help:

During the conference, donate an hour or two of your time to mentor attendees. The mentoring can be scheduled at your convenience, so your time at the conference is not affected. Many who volunteer at the conference in other ways also spend a few hours at the Pathfinders booth and tell us it is one of their most rewarding experiences. We would really like to get even more people bringing their experience to the Pathfinders booth.

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SIGGRAPH 2006 Pathfinders Chair
North Carolina State University