Upon First-Stage Acceptance for SIGGRAPH 2006

Authors of papers conditionally accepted by the committee must prepare camera-ready versions of their papers in ACM-standard format for the second reviewing process, and then for eventual publication in a special issue of ACM Transactions on Graphics. SIGGRAPH 2006 will also produce a DVD-ROM of all the accepted papers, so they must also be prepared in electronic form. Detailed instructions for preparation of papers in these two formats will be provided to authors of papers conditionally accepted by the committee.

In mid-April, a few days after the Papers Committee meeting, conditional acceptances and rejections will be sent to authors, along with reviews of papers and a list of required minor changes, if appropriate. A revised version is due to the referee about 20 days after the committee meeting. If a revised version is submitted sooner, the referee may provide early feedback to help with the process. No later than 27 days after the committee meeting, the author will receive the referee's report. We anticipate that, in general, this will be an indication that the revision is satisfactory and is accepted as the camera-ready form for publication. In cases where the referee is not satisfied with the revisions, the authors will have seven more days to submit a final copy for approval or rejection.

Session Room Set-Up and Equipment
A complete summary of the resources available for presentation of your paper. Arrangements for equipment outside the standard set-up are the sole responsibility of the paper presenter.

Presenter Recognition
Information on how SIGGRAPH 2006 will support your participation if your work is accepted.

Authorization for Use
Any material that supports a paper's acceptance for publication must be available as part of the final publication. Thus, all material submitted for review (video, CD-ROM, DVD) will become ACM-copyrighted material upon acceptance, and the required permission forms must be sent to ACM with the submission. If it subsequently becomes apparent that the necessary permissions cannot be given for publication of material that is substantially similar to that submitted for review, acceptance of the paper will be withdrawn.