Roles and Responsibilities

The Apprentices
The potential apprentice is looking for the next level of involvement in the annual SIGGRAPH conference, but may not yet have the formal, professional experience required for most subcommittee positions.

If selected, the individual will take on apprentice-level responsibilities within a specific program's subcommittee. Each subcommittee has a program chair, who will be your mentor and is the one you will work with to define your role and specific responsibilities.

The responsibilities vary from program to program.

If selected, your responsibilities will start in December 2005 and continue until the conference is over in August 2006. While there are definitely periods of time that are more intense and others that are less so, being a SIGGRAPH volunteer requires a significant time commitment.

To get a good overview of how the many conference volunteers participate and how their roles fit together, take a look at these links:

Committee Structure

Position Descriptions

Participating programs for SIGGRAPH 2006 are:


Educators Program



Research Posters


The Mentors
Mentors are program chairs who are willing to share their subcommittee experience with an apprentice-level team member. The program chairs will play a mentorship role to a recently graduated former Student Volunteer. Part of their leadership role will be to share best practices of conducting business within and without the SIGGRAPH community by involving apprentices as active members of their subcommittees.