New For SIGGRAPH 2006

Though most submission requirements and procedures are the same as last year, there are a few noteworthy changes:

Submission Deadline
This year, the submission deadline is 22 January, 2006, 6 pm Pacific time.

No DVD or VHS Submissions
Last year, Emerging Technologies accepted VHS videotpates and CD-ROMs via postal or courier service for jury review. This year, we will accept only uploaded .mov and .mpeg movies, preferably in QuickTime or Windows Media Player and JPEG files for stills for jury review. High-resolution images are still required for publication purposes. If you are unable to upload high-resolution images, please submit these on CD-ROM. Remember, videos are an important part of the evaluation process and video lengths should not exceed 3-4 minutes.

Interactive Art Submissions
Emerging Technologies and the Art Gallery are closely coordinating interactive submissions that demonstrate a fusion of technology and art. If you have an Emerging Technologies project with a strong art focus, or if you are not quite sure whether your project is technology or art, please submit to Emerging Technologies and describe the art focus within your proposal. The Art Gallery and Emerging Technologies will share space for technology-and-art fusion presentations at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. We are hoping to make optimum use of the Access Grid for distributed performances by invited artists.

Real-Time Submissions
We are encouraging and accepting real-time submissions for both Emerging Technologies and the Computer Animation Festival. If your real-time animation playback requires hands-on or senses-on interaction, we suggest you submit through Emerging Technologies. If you can package your animation as a pre-recorded short film, the Computer Animation Festival is probably your best choice.

High-Resolution Displays and Animation Content
Emerging Technologies is investigating new ultra-high-resolution displays and coordinating these efforts with the Computer Animation Festival. We hope to show high-resolution digital scientific visualizations and other content on emerging displays, and we may be calling for animation submissions at 4K. Please check this page and How to Submit Your Work periodically to see what we have in store and for details on submitting material.

Please carefully read the How to Submit Your Work for detailed submission information and the Frequently Asked Questions for answers to common submission questions.