Emerging Technologies

Deadline Extension
The Emerging Technologies submission deadline has been extended to: Sunday, 22 January 2006, 6 pm Pacific time.

Creativity and innovation are being applied to technology in exciting, new, and amazing ways. Very often, creative, innovative, diverse technologies are brought together in a unique approach that becomes integral to our daily lives or might even define a new lifestyle.

Have you created something from the seemingly unrelated? Does your work cross boundaries and challenge traditional notions of technology and interactivity? If so, we want to see your projects. Emerging Technologies is a perfect place for you to exhibit and share your latest creative research. Whether it is in medicine, music, the military, machine control, mobile interactive devices, or any fantastic innovation, we invite you to share your projects at SIGGRAPH 2006!

Emerging Technologies is seeking creative and innovative works in the fields of scientific visualization, interactive technologies, robotics, medicine, biotechnology, music, audio, theater technologies, entertainment, fountains, technologies for the disabled, graphics, displays, haptics, sensors, gaming, the web, artificial intelligence, visualization, collaborative environments, design, aerospace, the military, and the "fusion" of technology and art.

And anything else you can imagine.

In addition to installing actual works, all Emerging Technologies contributors are required to give a presentation detailing their installation and research at SIGGRAPH 2006. A subset of the presentations may be printed in a separate publication or journal, and "fusion" installations may be included in the Electronic Art and Animation Catalog.

For SIGGRAPH 2006, Emerging Technologies, The Art Gallery, Sketches, and The Guerilla Studio are collaborating to review submissions. These four programs will jointly review submissions that are focused on technology, art, concepts, and the unusual. Submissions will be reviewed and coordinated to find the best possible program for your display, presentation, or concept.

Emerging Technologies is collaborating with the following programs:

Art Gallery
Artists working with innovative technologies may submit their work to either Emerging Technologies or the Art Gallery. Please indicate if your work fits into the Fusion Work category. Non-technical interactive artworks should be submitted directly to the Art Gallery.

Submitters to Emerging Technologies are highly encouraged to also submit Technology Sketches. This is a perfect forum to speak about your technology (concepts, techniques, innovations, the next level of your technology, etc.). Submitters of theoretical papers are also encouraged to submit a proposal to Sketches.

Guerrilla Studio
Technologists and artists are invited to get involved with the Guerrilla Studio by lending your expertise, participating in the art-making activities, and helping to establish industry connections for equipment.

SIGGRAPH 2006 Emerging Technologies Chair
The Walt Disney Company (retired)