Educators Program

Education and learning are about preparing for the future while building upon the past. All educators are students, developing our skills, while sharing our knowledge.

Computer graphics and interactive techniques are constantly evolving fields, which pose challenges to educators unlike any others. They thread their way into all content areas, grade levels, and all aspects of learning. They give us unique opportunities to explore the real and virtual, to better understand and create, individually and collaboratively.

The annual SIGGRAPH Conference is where we come for inspiration, community, and differing perspectives. It gives us new ideas that can expand our knowledge and materials that we can incorporate into existing and new curriculum.

The SIGGRAPH 2006 Educators Program is the place where people from all levels and disciplines, from within traditional academia and without, can share their research, methods, and opinions about the teaching and integration of computer graphics and interactive techniques into all areas of learning. The program provides several opportunities for you to present your work:

Papers on all aspects, both theoretical and proven, of educating with computer graphics and/or the use of interactive techniques. Presentations range from 30 minutes to an hour long, with questions.

Panels of up to four people present ideas and individual perspectives. Length: one hour with time for questions from the audience.

Sometimes a great idea (fully formed or in a formative stage) needs only a short period of time for presentation. Quicktakes are 15-minute sessions with opportunity for questions and a possibly limited, but interested audience.

One or two people, with contrasting views, present topics that lend themselves to open and lively group discussions. Typically, Forums are one hour in length, but may vary as a result of presenters, topic, and scheduling limitations.

Educators Lounge
Informal discussions, sharing of materials, demonstrations of materials presented in other sessions.

Demonstrations of interactive educational products.

We seek proposals from: We are particularly interested in proposals that encourage lifelong learning, continuity among all academic levels, collaborations between academic disciplines, exchanges between the arts and sciences, access to those with disabilities, and multi-cultural initiatives.

Through our collaborative work with the SIGGRAPH Education Committee, the efforts of this program will be available for educators year round, for sharing and evolution.

We welcome submissions that will help us move forward, while building upon solid foundations.

SIGGRAPH 2006 Educators Program Chair
Middle Tennessee State University