Courses Expense Policy

Upon acceptance, course organizers are required to identify the course presenters who will receive travel authorization to SIGGRAPH 2006. Travel authorization is not transferable outside of required course presenters.

Each authorized course presenter may individually submit receipts up to a maximum of $500.00 of allowable expenses for travelers who live in North America and a maximum of $850.00 of allowable expenses for travelers who live outside North America. Total reimbursement may not exceed these respective amounts per presenter. Reimbursements are not transferable. They cannot be passed from one presenter to another presenter.

Covered expense receipts include only airfare or automobile travel, and hotel. Receipts outside of these categories are not reimbursable.

To obtain reimbursement for travel expenses related to your presentation at SIGGRAPH 2006, you must You are responsible for making your own travel and hotel arrangements.

Air Travel
Authorized travelers should always try to travel as inexpensively as possible. Usually this means purchasing a partially or fully non-refundable airfare, and planning the trip as far in advance as possible.

Automobile Travel
If an authorized traveler chooses to travel to the conference by personal automobile, SIGGRAPH will reimburse the traveler at the current IRS mileage rate for 2006. However, SIGGRAPH will only reimburse up to the cost of a round-trip airline ticket from the starting destination to the conference city. Automobile travelers may also receive reimbursement for parking.

SIGGRAPH will reimburse hotel room charges provided that the hotel bill is in the name of the authorized traveler.

Full-day course presenters may expense up to two hotel nights. Half-day course and tutorial presenters may expense one hotel night.

Not Reimbursed
Meals, bar tabs, phone charges, rental cars, fees, personal expenses, and guests are not reimbursable by SIGGRAPH 2006.

Course Presenter Expense Report (24 KB PDF)
Use this form to obtain reimbursement for authorized expenses related to your course presentation.