How to Submit Your Work

Requirements for SIGGRAPH 2006 Courses include:

Proposal ideas are organized and electronically submitted for review and selection. Proposals include abstracts, a syllabus, a course notes sample, and slate of qualified presenters. (Full details are listed below.)

Upon selection, course organizers ensure that course presentation details are completed, including course materials for publication, presentation logistics, and speaker coordination.

The course is presented at SIGGRAPH 2006. If follow-ups are planned (in the form of BOFs, articles, etc.), then they are carried out as proposed in the original submission. The Courses Committee works with presenter teams at the conference to ensure successful presentations. Course feedback is gathered and returned where available.

The following checklist will ensure that your submission is complete and complies with all program requirements.

1. SIGGRAPH 2006 Courses Submission Form
Complete all required fields in the online submission form. Instructions there will guide you to successful completion. When you begin the form, your submission will be assigned a submission ID number that will identify your submission throughout the entire review and production process.

2. Online Submission
All course proposals must be electronically submitted via the SIGGRAPH 2006 online submission system. No other method of submission will be accepted or allowed. Fax or paper submissions are not accepted. Detailed submission procedures are specified in the online submission process.

3. Acceptance Agreement
If your course proposal is selected, every speaker in your course must complete and send an Acceptance Agreement. If we do not receive all contributor acceptance agreements, your course cannot be presented at the conference.

4. 2006 Course Proposal Requirements How to Upload Files
Important information on uploading files to the SIGGRAPH 2006 submission system.

5. Optional: English Review Service
Contributors may voluntarily use the English Review Service for help with the text of their proposals. Please schedule sufficient review time and backup options if the service cannot provide timely feedback. The English Review Service is not part of the Courses Program. Any delays in your submission due to this service will not be accepted after the submission deadline.