New deadline for submission of course proposals:
11 January 2006

Have you done something cool and innovative lately? Are you willing to share that knowledge with the SIGGRAPH audience in an environment conducive to focused learning from eager participants? Yes? Cool; submit a course to one of the cornerstone programs of the annual SIGGRAPH conference.

For almost 30 years, the Courses program has been educating the computer graphics and interactive techniques community. Experts distill their experiences and knowledge, helping accelerate the advances in our discipline.

We seek your assistance in creating and presenting top-notch instructive experiences. Don't feel limited to the classic educational processes we've all been subjected to. Be inspired to use interactive demonstrations (perhaps in one of our wireless-networked classrooms), collaborative discussions, multi-sensory presentations, whatever your imagination can concoct.

While we always need updated courses on our bread-and-butter topics (animation, computer-human interactivity, entertainment, gaming, scientific visualization, cool programming hackery), the SIGGRAPH 2006 program is spotlighting courses that combine ideas and techniques from uncommon disciplines to enhance the interactive experience. For example, we want to consider how gaming techniques can be applied to garner better results from an interactive scientific visualization;

We don't have all the answers. We need you to light our way. Consider submitting a proposal to the SIGGRAPH 2006 Courses program.

SIGGRAPH 2006 Courses Chair