New for SIGGRAPH 2006

Electronic Submission
For the first time, the Computer Animation Festival is receiving materials online. For many submitters (especially students), it can be both time- and cost-prohibitive to transfer their work to tape or DVD. Even more important to the Computer Animation Festival committee is the tremendous effort required to receive, catalog, and store more than 600 physical packages. Online submissions will make it much easier to wrangle and pre-screen the content. Previous SIGGRAPH conferences (especially the Papers program) have already shown that large files can be received successfully.

New Categories
In the interest of consolidating areas of submission, the Computer Animation Festival has reduced the number of and changed the names of some of our submission categories. The depth and breadth of our community is so diverse that no systems of "labels" can ever do justice to all the specialties across entertainment, scientific, educational, artistic, etc. categories, but we hope the new categories will clarify the process for our submitters:

Animation (story- or character-based, any medium)

Art (abstract, and experimental)

Broadcast (design and commercial)

Interactive (video game, real-time, live VJ imagery)

Sci-Tech (architecture, medical imagery, scientific visualization, and technical programs)

Visual effects (not story- or character-based)