How to Submit Your Work: Installation Artwork

Use the checklist below to ensure that your submission is complete and meets all applicable program requirements.

This checklist applies to: Requirements for All Submissions

___ Installation/artwork completed
___ High-resolution image of installation
___ Detail image of installation (optional)
___ Digital video documentation
___ Audio excerpt (required for audio installations)
___ URL for additional information (optional)
___ Detailed floor plan with technical requirements
___ 200-300 word artist statement
___ 100-200 word technical statement
___ Online SIGGRAPH 2006 form completed
___ Read Review and Upon Acceptance

How to Submit
Complete the online SIGGRAPH 2006 Art Gallery Submission Form. There you will find instructions on how to complete the online form. At the end of the online process, your entry will be assigned a submission ID number. Take note of this number for the rest of the submission requirements. A separate submission form must be completed for each submitted work. You can change your submission form (using the same login and submission ID) as many times as you like before the official submission deadline: 27 January 2006.

All installations and interactive art objects must be submitted online only and must include: How to Upload Files
Important information on uploading files to the SIGGRAPH 2006 submission system.

Additional Information
There is no limit to the number of pieces you can submit, but a separate submission form must be completed for each submitted work.

You are responsible for set-up, tear-down, and monitoring of your piece during the conference.

If you are submitting the following types of art, use the corresponding checklists:

2D, 3D or 4D wall-hung work

Monitor-based web or CD/DVD art

Paper or critical essay


Art animation: Submit your work to the Computer Animation Festival

Art Talks