Art Gallery: Intersections

The SIGGRAPH 2006 Art Gallery: Intersections examines the merging of creativity, concept, and technique. Over the past 40 years, innovations in digital technology have enabled the integration of technical accomplishment with artistic and conceptual expression, fostering art endeavors that explore new territories and cross traditional boundaries.

For the Intersections exhibition, we are looking for works that provoke thought, explore ideas in innovative ways, address contemporary issues, interactively engage the viewer in the unfolding of meaning, and captivate the viewer's intellectual and creative self.

If your work is amazing, awesome, inspiring, innovative, shocking, unique, or intellectually stimulating, Intersections is the exhibition for you.

The SIGGRAPH 2006 Art Gallery is considering (but not limited to) the following types of work: The Art Gallery is collaborating with the following SIGGRAPH 2006 programs:

Emerging Technologies
Artists working with innovative technologies may submit their work to either Emerging Technologies or the Art Gallery. Please indicate that your work fits into the Fusion Works category.

Artists are highly encouraged to also submit an Art Sketch to the Sketches program. This is a perfect forum to speak about your art (concepts, techniques, innovations, etc.). Theoretical sketches may also be submitted to the Sketches program.

Computer Animation Festival
Time-based work that is experimental, artistically expressive, and either narrative or non-narrative should be submitted to the Computer Animation Festival.

Guerrilla Studio
Artists are invited to get involved with the Guerrilla Studio by lending your expertise, participating in the art-making activities, and helping to establish industry connections for equipment.

Artists are also encouraged to submit proposals to other programs, such as:

Educators Program

Bonnie Mitchell
SIGGRAPH 2006 Art Gallery: Intersections Chair