Call for Participation

Welcome to the SIGGRAPH 2006 Call for Participation. Here you will find the visions of the highly energetic and creative 2006 program chairs. Their visions are a result of teamwork and brainstorming that stems from the idea that SIGGRAPH 2006 will be REVOLUTIONARY! It will spur a renaissance in interactive techniques, human-computer interfaces, and computer graphics research and applications. Everyone on the 2006 team has risen to the occasion and raised the bar.

You will find in the calls for various programs (many of the standard programs and some new ones) a focus on the quieter side of computer graphics and interactive techniques along with calls for scientific visualization, art installations, and other computer graphics research and applications.

You can volunteer your time and talents to SIGGRAPH 2006 in many ways. One way is to submit content to the various programs outlined in these pages and be a part of the computer graphics and interactive techniques REVOLUTION. We are seeking the latest, greatest, and wildest content available! In order for SIGGRAPH to remain the premier conference of its kind, we need you to be part of the experience. The return on your investment of time and talents is significant. As you participate in the world's premier conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques, you will interact directly with other visionaries in your field and gain inspiration and insights that will guide you to the next level of achievement.

Boston is a unique host city for the annual SIGGRAPH conference, and as we pull back and look at the big picture, Boston is exactly the city that should house this revolutionary conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques. With all the academic and research institutions, America's technology highway, and the rich culture and history in one of this country's oldest cities, SIGGRAPH 2006 promises to be an inspiring conference in a long line of great conferences.

So, come and be a part of the SIGGRAPH Revolution!

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