The 33rd International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques
SIGGRAPH 2006 Imagery


SIGGRAPH 2006 Papers Features Robust Content

SIGGRAPH Papers continues to be the global venue for showcasing the best and most prestigious technical research for computer graphics and interactive techniques. This year’s content features a robust program covering categories from Image Manipulation to Light Transport and from Image Processing to Meshing.

“We were expecting strong content given the reputation of the Northeast United States for research and academics, but we were absolutely blown away by the submissions from around the world,” stated Julie Dorsey, SIGGRAPH 2006 Papers Chair from Yale University. “Attendees will find deep subject matter and topics that span a broad range of cross subjects. This content is truly the backbone of future leaps in computer graphics, animation, and interactive techniques.”

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Panels Address "Hot" Industry Topics

From the media’s manipulation of images to employers’ manipulation of employees’ work schedules, SIGGRAPH 2006 Panels offer in-depth, lively dialogue on controversial issues affecting the computer graphics industry today. Panel topics include:

  • Digital Rights, Digital Restrictions
  • Is a Career in Computer Graphics Possible? Part 1: Skills and Training
  • So You Want to Create Content: Licenses, Copyrights, and Other Things to Think About
  • Ethics in Image Manipulation
  • Video Games: Content and Responsibility
  • Is a Career in Computer Graphics Possible? Part 2: Dedication and Expectation

SIGGRAPH 2006 Panel topics.

Special Sessions

Special Sessions: From Large-Scale Performance to Ocean Exploration

SIGGRAPH 2006 Special Sessions will intertwingle a mixture of topics including advanced design, engineering breakthroughs, and deep interactivity. Leading industry experts will discuss recent achievements in ocean exploration, vehicle performance and marketing, interactive large-scale performance, and how having the right voice talent brings character animation to life.

Special Sessions are as follows:

  • Plugged In: Creating Emotional Responses Through the Use of Entertainment Technology in Live Performance
  • Vrooom Vrooom: SIGGRAPH at 500 Horsepower
  • 20,000 Bits Under the Sea: How Robotics, Visualization, and Scientific Computing Are Changing the Way We Explore, Discover, and Understand Our Oceans
  • Sounding Off: How Voice Talents Bring Characters to Life in CG Film“

Special Sessions will continue to provide creative, innovative, and thought-provoking content that crosses all boundaries of the SIGGRAPH community,” stated Joshua Strickon, SIGGRAPH 2006 Special Sessions chair from The New York Times Company. “These sessions are composed of pioneering industry experts who define their vision for the future and discuss how to reach it.”

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SIGGRAPH 2006 Advance Program

SIGGRAPH 2006 Advance Program Available Now!

The biggest challenge facing many attendees is not having enough time to soak up all the great content that a SIGGRAPH conference and exhibition has to offer.

Now is your chance to start planning by diving into the incredibly rich content that will be featured at SIGGRAPH 2006. From the cutting-edge technology to the record-breaking submissions in the Computer Animation Festival, the time to act is now.

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Register Early and Save!

Registration for SIGGRAPH 2006 is quick and easy. For those who register now, early-bird registration rates are available across all categories. For the first time ever, Conference Select attendees can attend Panels. This is just another example of how SIGGRAPH is making every effort to provide more value for each attendee dollar.

The early-bird registration deadline is 23 June 2006.

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From Google to Lucas Arts: A Surge in NEW SIGGRAPH Exhibitors

The SIGGRAPH exhibition floor is always an exciting and dynamic place to interact with companies from across the world. Exhibitors participate in SIGGRAPH in order to make major product announcements, form dynamic partnerships, recruit new employees, and launch products. SIGGRAPH 2006 will also welcome companies to their very first SIGGRAPH exhibition.

SIGGRAPH 2006 welcomes the following NEW exhibitors:

3D Training Institute (3DTi)
Academic Superstore LP
Anzovin Studio
CADD Edge, Inc.
Digital Artist Management Inc / DAM Consultants, Inc.
Drexel University
FiatLux Corporation/KGT
Gibbs College
Great Eastern Technology
Lucas Arts Entertainment Co.
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories
Ohio University School of Telecommunications
Sandio Technology Corp.
Tech Data Corporation
The Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University
The CGAL Project
The Cleveland Institute of Art
Torcomp, Inc.
Total Immersion
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Visual Media, LLC
Weta Digital Ltd.
Wolfram Research, Inc.

“We are very pleased to welcome both major international corporations and smaller, independent companies,” stated Mike Weil, SIGGRAPH 2006 Exhibits Manager. “We are noticing a strong spike in interest from new companies that have never exhibited at SIGGRAPH before. We attribute this growth directly to the content and strength of SIGGRAPH.”

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Boston Museum

Boston Highlights

Join the SIGGRAPH 2006 Boston Revolution

The next SIGGRAPH destination, Boston, is one of the world’s premier centers for higher education and technology research - a perfect fit for the SIGGRAPH Conference & Exhibition! In addition, it is closer to many European countries so international participation is expected to increase. While attending SIGGRAPH, take time to soak up all the technology, art, and industry expertise that New England has to offer including:

The Boston Museum of Fine Art
The Boston Museum of Fine Art is one of the most comprehensive art museums in the world; the collection encompasses nearly 450,000 works of art. It welcomes more than one million visitors each year to experience art from ancient Egyptian to contemporary, special exhibitions, and innovative educational programs. Explore the museum.

News, Notes, & Miscellaneous
Animation Focus: John Lasseter Podcast
SIGGRAPH is the ideal place to learn the latest regarding computer animation from the industry's best. Listen to animation pioneer and Pixar executive, John Lasseter, in Millimeter's exclusive podcast about the state of the industry.

World of Tea

SIGGRAPH Trivia 2006

Trivia, Teapots & Free Prizes

SIGGRAPH 2006 is presenting an exhibition of real and virtual teapots to showcase the long association of the teapot with the worlds of computer graphics, art, and our host city of Boston. The exhibit will contain juried and curated work.

Each SIGGRAPHITTI is featuring one industry-related Teapot trivia question that tests the depth of your knowledge pool. Get it right and increase your chances of staking your claim as a SIGGRAPH Teapot Expert.

All correct entries received by 12 May 2006 (5pm CST) will be entered into a pool and a winner will be selected at random. The next SIGGRAPHITTI will feature the correct answer and that month’s winner. Winners receive super-cool, official SIGGRAPH 2006 Conference Polo shirt (a $40 value). Only contestants who attend SIGGRAPH 2006 are eligible. Prizes distributed at the conference and exhibition.

Last Month’s SIGGRAPHITTI Teapot Trivia Question:

To what country and century can the first teapot be traced?

Answer: Ming Dynasty, China 1500 A.D.

Congratulations to last month's winner Heather Pritchett of Walt Disney Feature Animation - who was one of 20 correct entries (winner is randomly chosen from all winning entries).

This Month's SIGGRAPHITTI Trivia Challenge is:

Name the first European country to import teapots.

Make your stand as a Teapot Expert.

Please note: Entries must be received by 12 May 2006 to be eligible for prize and must include your full name/company affiliation.

Image Credits: Rogue IV © 2004 Eric Heller | Tentacle Tower © 2005 Yoichiro Kawaguch | Transparent Blue © 2004 Kumiko Kushiyama | Love Letters © 2005 Jeffrey Paul | Mirror_SPACE © 2005 Newport School of Art, Media and Design | Boston Museum of Art | Jessy Miele

Boston 2006