The 33rd International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques
SIGGRAPH 2006 Imagery

Letter From Conference Chair

John Finnegan
It is with much enthusiasm that I am contributing this message to the first issue of SIGGRAPHITTI 2006 as our journey to Boston begins.

This year, we are unveiling a more dynamic and graphically enhanced version of the newsletter, which I trust you will enjoy. Also, based on the popular response we received in 2005, we have brought back the monthly trivia question, but with more focused topic centered on our unique Teapot Exhibit in Boston (details below).

This year’s conference and exhibition marks SIGGRAPH’s first return to the Northeast in almost 20 years! Many exciting and new elements are planned for 2006 all the while still providing the core education-rich components that you have come to expect from SIGGRAPH.

There are many reasons that I am so enthusiastic about SIGGRAPH 2006. Let’s face it, SIGGRAPH in Boston will provide new experiences and challenges for many of us both personally and professionally. Synergies include:

  • Boston’s technology corridor offering access to a new brain trust of forward thinking.
  • Boston sits in the epicenter of northeastern American higher education, providing a plethora of new research and insights.
  • Boston is a convenient portal to North America for European professionals interested in being a part of the “innovation revolution” of computer graphics and interactive techniques.
  • Boston will be the site of the exciting co-location of the Sandbox – an ACM Video Game Symposium on 29-30 July 2006.
  • Boston will be the site of the third symposium on Applied Perception in Graphics and Visualization 28-30 July 2006.

Finally, while many of our selection juries have not met, I am very impressed with the incredible submissions content to date. So, please continue to spread the word about SIGGRAPH 2006. The key to a truly enriching experience lies in the people who attend. We encourage you to send this newsletter on to your business associates and colleagues.

See you in Boston this summer!

Finnegan Signature
John C. Finnegan
SIGGRAPH 2006 Conference Chair
Purdue University

Conference News

SIGGRAPH 2006 Unveils Incredible Courses Content

SIGGRAPH 2006 features 30 Courses, offering attendees a wide array of educational options including learning how to master the latest digital theories and expert practices in the art and science of computer graphics.

In five tutorials, 13 half-day sessions, and 12 full-day courses, academic and industry specialists teach topics that deepen understanding, encourage exploration, and immediately enhance real-world skills. Content spans across all industries – from game developers to virtual reality/environments to RenderMan. This level of content is only available at SIGGRAPH 2006.

“SIGGRAPH Courses provide attendees with tangible intelligence that they are able to take back to their workplace and implement right away,” said Dave Shreiner, SIGGRAPH 2006 Courses Chair. “Many times that knowledge more than justifies any costs associated with attending SIGGRAPH.”

A complete listing of topics, instructors, and a full conference schedule can be found here.

SIGGRAPH Exhibition

SIGGRAPH 2006 Exhibition Outpacing Recent Years

The SIGGRAPH 2006 Exhibition is on pace to exceed vendor participation as compared to SIGGRAPH 2004 and 2005, which were both in Los Angeles.

“The industry is responding to the fantastic opportunities that are available for showcasing their products and services in front of the leading minds in the computer graphics world,” stated John C. Finnegan, SIGGRAPH 2006 Conference Chair from Purdue University. “With the Northeast at the epicenter of North American higher education, plus the proximity of the Boston technology corridor, this year’s conference is providing exhibitors exposure to new audiences of decision-makers.”

In post-conference surveys, year-on-year the SIGGRAPH Exhibition is ranked as one of the leading benefits at SIGGRAPH conferences. Many exhibitors wait until SIGGRAPH to release their latest product news or offerings.

“We expect even greater excitement and announcements this year as SIGGRAPH returns to the Northeast – especially given that Boston is a major destination city in the summer,” said Mike Weil, SIGGRAPH Exhibits Manager. “Demand has been high and we are encouraging companies to act before space sells out completely.”

In addition to exhibit space, 2006 exhibitors have a greater choice when it comes to sponsorship packages. For more details on exhibiting or sponsorship, e-mail Mike Weil.

Breaking News

2005 Computer Animation Festival “Best in Show” Winner Garners Oscar Nomination

The 2005 Computer Animation Festival winner for Best in Show, “9,” was nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Animated Short Film category. “9,” Shane Acker’s post-apocalyptic animation, is also being developed by Focus Features into a full-length animated film, produced in part by Tim Burton.

“I appreciate the support and recognition from my peers at SIGGRAPH. It has always served as an inspiration for me in my work,” said Acker. “I see SIGGRAPH as an industry-leading event and qualifying venue, which allows works to be considered for other prestigious awards like the Oscars.”

This marks the second time in as many years where a film that received a Computer Animation Festival award has gone on to be nominated for an Oscar. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences considers the SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival to be a "qualifying venue" for the piece that receives the Best Animated Short. Thus, the festival tends to be a stepping-stone to the Academy Awards for many films. For more details on this piece, click here.

For more information on ACM SIGGRAPH members honored by the Academy, click here. Look to future issues of SIGGRAPHITTI for complete details on the content of the SIGGRAPH 2006 Computer Animation Festival.

Art Gallery

Csuri Art Retrospective Makes Debut @ SIGGRAPH 2006

The SIGGRAPH 2006 Art Gallery: Intersections is showcasing Charles Csuri's artwork from 1963 to the present. This will be the first, extensive retrospective on the work of Csuri, a computer graphics pioneer and Ohio State University professor emeritus. Csuri is best known for his groundbreaking work in the field of computer graphics, computer animation, and digital fine art – creating some of the earliest known computer art in 1963. In addition, Csuri is recognized as the father of digital art and computer animation by the Smithsonian Magazine, and as a leading pioneer of computer animation by the Museum of Modern Art and ACM SIGGRAPH.

“Given its rich history, Boston is a fitting location to debut this retrospective,” said John C. Finnegan, SIGGRAPH 2006 Conference Chair from Purdue University. “And it is an honor that SIGGRAPH 2006 be the first place where this important and comprehensive work is displayed in its entirety.”

Click here to learn more about Charles Csuri or view more of his work.

If you are interested in sponsoring the Csuri exhibition or would like to host the exhibition at your institution, click here.

Housing & Registration

Now Accepting Boston Hotel Reservations for SIGGRAPH 2006

SIGGRAPH 2006 conference housing is now open to all attendees who want to save the most money and book their hotel rooms early. Due to the popularity of Boston in the summer, attendees are encouraged to book rooms early. Also, attendees wanting to take advantage of the shuttle bus service need to book rooms through the SIGGRAPH hotel reservation system. Click here for more details and to reserve a room.

How to Save the Most on Your SIGGRAPH 2006 Registration
Registration for SIGGRAPH 2006 is quick, easy, and the least expensive for those who register early. Early bird registration rates are available across all categories. For the first time ever, Conference-Select attendees can attend Panels. This is just another example of how SIGGRAPH is making every effort to provide the most value possible for each attendee’s dollar.

Click here to view a full list of registration options - SIGGRAPH 2006 Boston pricing will be available mid-March.

Get Involved

Accelerate Your Career at SIGGRAPH 2006

Many seasoned industry veterans say that one of the biggest factors in the success of their career is choosing to get involved with the SIGGRAPH Conference & Exhibition. Volunteers make incredible industry contacts and are able to build a stronger professional background.

“Looking back, my career really went into overdrive after attending my first SIGGRAPH in 1989 as an undergrad,” said Mk Haley of Walt Disney Imagineering. “I gained extensive knowledge and made valuable contacts and great friends that paid big dividends for my career down the road.”

Now is the time to take those first few steps and be a part of the amazing world of SIGGRAPH. Participants are still needed for SIGGRAPH 2006 including speakers, technical support, and international diplomats. Submit your work to the following conference programs by the specified deadline or click on the link below for more information on volunteer opportunities.

15 March 2006: Guerilla Studio deadline
12 April 2006: Sketches submission deadline
11 May 2006: Research Posters submission deadline

Click here to make a difference and accelerate your career.

SIGGRAPH 2006 Trivia

Trivia, Teapots & Free Prizes

SIGGRAPH 2006 is presenting an exhibition of real and virtual teapots to showcase the long association of the teapot with the worlds of computer graphics, art, and our host city of Boston. The exhibit will contain juried and curated work.

Each SIGGRAPHITTI is featuring one industry-related Teapot trivia question that tests the depth of your knowledge pool. Get it right and increase your chances of staking your claim as a SIGGRAPH Teapot Expert.

All correct entries received by 15 March 2006 (5pm CST) will be entered into a pool and a winner will be selected at random. The next SIGGRAPHITTI will feature the correct answer and that month’s winner. Winners receive super-cool, official SIGGRAPH 2006 Conference Polos (a $40 value). Only contestants who attend SIGGRAPH 2006 are eligible. Prizes distributed at the conference.

This Month’s SIGGRAPHITTI Teapot Trivia Question:

Name the company that produced the original teapot used by Martin Newell for modeling, the year it was produced, and the location it now resides.

Make your stand as a Teapot Expert and send your name, company, and answer to SIGGRAPHITTI with the subject line “Teapot Trivia.”

Please note: Entries must be received by 15 March 2006 and include your name/company name to be eligible for prize.

Image Credits: Rogue IV © 2004 Eric Heller | Tentacle Tower © 2005 Yoichiro Kawaguch | Transparent Blue © 2004 Kumiko Kushiyama | Love Letters © 2005 Jeffrey Paul | Mirror_SPACE © 2005 Newport School of Art, Media and Design | John Finnegan © Stephen Sieja | 9 © Shane Acker | Csuri © Charles Csuri

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