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Joe Rohde

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SIGGRAPH 2006 Keynote Announced

Joe Rohde, Executive Designer and Vice President, Creative for Walt Disney Imagineering, will present the SIGGRAPH 2006 keynote address "From Myth to Mountain: Insights Into Virtual Placemaking" on 31 July during the 33rd International SIGGRAPH Conference.

Rohde is the lead designer of Disney's Animal Kingdom and is responsible for driving the vision for the theme park. He was the principal creative force behind the just-opened Expedition Everest attraction - which made its debut this year.

"It is an honor to have such a dynamic and creative leader as our keynote speaker in Boston," stated John C. Finnegan, SIGGRAPH 2006 Conference Chair from Purdue University. "It is also fitting to add such a distinguished and cutting-edge professional to our long legacy of dynamic and fascinating SIGGRAPH keynote speakers."

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SIGGRAPH 2006 Exhibition Experiencing Rapid Growth

The SIGGRAPH 2006 Exhibition has continued to experience rapid growth in booth sales that puts it on pace to exceed the number of 2005 exhibitors. In fact, more than 25 companies have signed up in the last few weeks alone.

Recent additions to the exhibition floor include:

2D3 Ltd.
5DT (Fifth Dimension Technologies)
Axceleon Inc.
Beijing ZhongShiDian Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
Blender Foundation, Open Source Pavilion
Boris FX
Ciara Technologies
DigiPen Institute of Technology
EON Reality, Inc.
Fork Particle, Inc.
Future Publishing Limited
Genesis Microchip Inc.
Hotronic, Inc.
Illuminate Labs
MADE Export Group - Macedonian Association for Digital Entertainment
Measurand Inc.
Microsoft Corporation
New York Film Academy
NextEngine Inc.
SeeFile Software LLC
SensAble Technologies, Inc.
Student Filmakers, The Magazine and Online Portal
TeraRecon, Inc
The DAVE School
Triple Squid Software Design
WorldViz LLC

“The focused attention from so many global companies reinforces the fact that the SIGGRAPH community is clearly being recognized as the premier forum for computer graphics and interactive techniques,” stated John C. Finnegan, SIGGRAPH 2006 Chair from Purdue University. “Nowhere else in the world can you find such an eclectic mix of artists, researchers, designers, animators, executives, and educators under one roof collaborating in such a dynamic atmosphere.”

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SIGGRAPH 2006 Sketches Program Achieves Record Submissions

The SIGGRAPH 2006 Sketches program received a record-breaking number of submissions and becomes the second 2006 conference program to set a record (the SIGGRAPH 2006 Computer Animation Festival set a similar record). In all, the jury reviewed 580 submissions representing a 37 percent increase over 2005.

A Sketch is a 20-minute presentation on new and thought-provoking ideas, techniques, and application in computer graphics and interactive techniques that covers a broad spectrum of topics in art, design, science, and engineering. Topics cover provocative speculation, academic research, industrial development, practical tools, and behind-the-scenes explanations of commercial and artistic works.

”The very fact that we had record-breaking submissions pushes the quality of the content to an entirely new level,” stated Hanspeter Pfister, SIGGRAPH 2006 Sketches Chair from Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories. “Nowhere else in the world can you find such creativity and innovation that will define the future of our discipline.”

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Guerilla Studio

Guerilla Studio

Guerilla Studio Adds New Dimension

Guerilla Studio participants will have the opportunity to interact and work with innovators and experts in a variety of creative and technological areas this year. There will also be strong education and collaboration components as well as a new focus on technologies that have never been used in the Guerilla Studio.

Highlights include:

  • Soft Computation and Physical Interaction All-Day Workshop
  • Pod Casting Workshops
  • Interactive Documentary Workshop
  • Beginner to Expert Photoshop Workshops
  • Special project: Recontextualize your Online Avatar with OGLE (OpenGLExtractor) and a 3D printer or Google Earth - Eyebeam's Open Lab publishes the open-source software package OGLE (OpenGLExtractor) for capturing 3D-geometries from applications using OpenGL. Studio participants will capture 3D-geometries of avatars and other forms from a variety of video games.
  • Special project: Interactive Holographic Window - Flavia Sparacino from Sensing Places (a spin-off from the MIT Media Lab) will be working with Guerilla Studio attendees by capturing their 3-D photographs and videos onsite.
  • Special project: Painterly Rendering with Designed Imperfection -This installation will digitally render portraits of SIGGRAPH conference attendees that resemble traditional paintings.
  • Special project: Enter the Graffiti Research Lab - Eyebeam’s Graffiti Research Lab will present a workshop and demonstrate technologies that combine the aesthetic and intent of street art with DIY electronics, graphics software, digital fabrication tools, and the Internet. Workshop participants will contribute to the creation of a mural that will redefine a public space at the conference.
  • Special project: The Iterated 69 Sessions - An interactive multimedia performance featuring live music with pre-recorded and crowd detection triggered computer animation. Featuring an Opening Interactive Jam Session on Sunday @ 4:30 PM

“We are excited by the community’s incredible response and diverse, exciting content,” stated Kimberly Voight, SIGGRAPH 2006 Guerilla Studio Chair from the Temple University, Tyler School of Art. “Other specific highlights include five collaborative artist projects that will facilitate creative approaches to attendee interactions within real-time project productions.”

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Computer Animation Festival

Record-Breaking Etch A Sketch® Makes Debut at SIGGRAPH 2006

The world’s largest Etch A Sketch® will make its debut at the SIGGRAPH 2006 Computer Animation Festival pre-show. Officially endorsed by The Ohio Art Company, the installation will allow audience members to control (in real-time) the two famous Etch A Sketch® drawing knobs and use them interactively on the main projection screen. Functionality will also include the audience’s ability to “shake” the screen clean and start over. The functionality will be provided through Cinematrix.

“We will test the true interactive skills of a SIGGRAPH attendee,” joked Terrence Mason the SIGGRAPH 2006 Computer Animation Festival Chair from Digital Fauxtography Inc. (who developed the idea). “The ability to work as a group will also be tested as the screen challenges the audience to work together to accomplish different designs.”

Experience the Computer Animation Festival.

The Etch A Sketch® product name and the configuration of the Etch A Sketch® product are registered trademarks owned by the The Ohio Art Company.


Early-Bird Registration Deadline 23 June - Save up to $275

Don't delay to register for SIGGRAPH 2006! Early-bird registration ends 23 June. Registration is simple and only takes a few minutes. Register now and receive the maximum early-bird discounts on the SIGGRAPH 2006 experience. Register now.

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News, Notes, & Miscellaneous

Call for Volunteers & Leadership:Participate in SIGGRAPH!

Consider offering your talents, creativity, and skills to help push the boundaries of the computer graphic industry, showcase new technologies, and awaken new opportunities. Be at the center of activity and help lead the way into the next generation of computer graphics by volunteering to be on a SIGGRAPH 2007 sub-committee or be in on the ground-floor planning for SIGGRAPH 2008.

SIGGRAPH volunteers receive numerous perks including incredible career growth opportunities and networking. In addition, as a conference committee volunteer, you will:

  • Participate in decisions and strategic development for the conference and exhibition.
  • Work with other dedicated, talented, inspirational leaders in the industry.
  • Be instrumental in setting the vision for a particular program.
  • Cultivate your management skills by identifying and leading a subcommittee of volunteers who actually make a program happen.

Discover how to become a SIGGRAPH volunteer.

Seeking 2010 Conference Chair

SIGGRAPH is seeking nominations for the SIGGRAPH 2010 Conference Chair position.
This person leads and inspires a highly energized, multi-talented, and deeply committed team of volunteers and professional service contractors to create, plan, and produce every aspect of the conference and exhibition.

“Serving as the SIGGRAPH 2005 Conference Chair will always be one of the highlights of my professional career,” stated James L. Mohler of Purdue University. “I gained greater exposure for my employer, enhanced my personal knowledge, and built relationships that will last a lifetime.”

The 2010 Conference Chair will work closely with the SIGGRAPH Chief Staff Executive, the Conference Advisory Group, the professional service contractors, and the volunteer program chairs over approximately a four-year period from early 2007 through 2011. In addition to overseeing the conference, the 2010 Conference Chair will also serve in an advisory capacity to the SIGGRAPH organization.

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Free Wireless in Boston

Free wireless access will be available for all SIGGRAPH 2006 attendees and guests throughout the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center (BCEC) during the entire conference and exhibition.

Please note: on-site public workstations with Internet access will be limited to the FedEx Kinkos located in the BCEC. Attendees are encouraged to plan accordingly to avoid any inconvenience.

Technology Focus: Realtime Previz

The SIGGRAPH exhibit floor is a premier showcase of new technology for the CG industry. Millimeter's "Beta Sight" column provides an insider's look on using these technologies, like Crack Creative's usage of Nvidia Quadro.

Access the article.

Attention Jobseekers & Casual Networkers

Whether you are actively looking for a job or casually networking, the SIGGRAPH Job Fair is the perfect fit for you. Best of all, it is free, easy, and confidential. To participate, simply complete a confidential online profile that will be viewed by companies actively recruiting at SIGGRAPH 2006. Advantages are many, including:

  • It's quick and easy (not to mention FREE!).
  • You control the level of confidentiality by choosing to be "invisible," "visible," or "anonymous" to employers.
  • The Job Fair is one of the best places to expand your visibility among the video game, animation, VFX, TV, film, software, tools, research, and technology industries.
  • You showcase skills to hundreds of employers with a complete profile of your professional experience along with work samples.
  • Interested employers are able to view your profile and optional demo reel prior to the Job Fair and invite you to apply for open positions.
  • You are able to easily identify prospective employers, apply for jobs, and track of job submissions in a secure SIGGRAPH 2006 account

IMPORTANT! Companies will begin searching for attendees that have created a SIGGRAPH 2006 profile by 1 July 2006. Make certain your profile is completed and visible before that date!

Create a SIGGRAPH profile.

New Career Symposium Added

Running in conjunction with the Job Fair is the SIGGRAPH 2006 Career Symposium that will offer presentations by academics and industry professionals on hot topics related to career growth and job satisfaction. From resume and reel reviews to insights into process and production, this series of lectures is designed for everyone from students to industry veterans.

Teapot Ray

SIGGRAPH Trivia 2006

Trivia, Teapots & Free Prizes

SIGGRAPH 2006 is presenting an exhibition of real and virtual teapots to showcase the long association of the teapot with the worlds of computer graphics, art, and our host city of Boston. The exhibit will contain juried and curated work.

Each SIGGRAPHITTI features one industry-related Teapot trivia question that tests the depth of your knowledge pool. Get it right and increase your chances of staking your claim as a SIGGRAPH Teapot Expert.

All correct entries received by 22 June 2006 (5pm CST) will be entered into a pool and a winner will be selected at random. The next SIGGRAPHITTI will feature the correct answer and that month’s winner. Winners receive super-wicked, official SIGGRAPH 2006 Conference Polo shirts (a $40 value). Only contestants who attend SIGGRAPH 2006 are eligible. Prizes distributed at the conference and exhibition in Boston.

Last Month's SIGGRAPHITTI Teapot Trivia:

Name the first European country to import teapots.

Answer: Denmark in the 1600’s

Congratulations to last month's winner – Ramin Zahed of Animation Magazine - who was one of 32 correct entries (winner is randomly chosen from all winning entries).

This Month’s SIGGRAPHITTI Teapot Trivia:

Name the year that the world’s largest known teapot was created, the name of the company who had it created, and the location where it can be found today.

Click here to make your stand as a Teapot Expert.

Please note: Entries must be received by 22 June 2006 to be eligible for prize and must include full name/company affiliation.

Image Credits: Rogue IV © 2004 Eric Heller | Tentacle Tower © 2005 Yoichiro Kawaguch | Transparent Blue © 2004 Kumiko Kushiyama | Love Letters © 2005 Jeffrey Paul

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