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SIGGRAPH 2006 Imagery

Breaking News:

Computer Animation Content Announced

SIGGRAPH 2006 Computer Animation Festival's content as well as Best of Show Award and Jury Honors were officially released today.

The Computer Animation Festival jury selected 97 films and two award winners from 726 entries for exemplary use of computer-generated imagery and animation, and compelling storytelling.

The SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival is an internationally recognized event that engages and inspires artists and technologists alike. Each year, it serves as a mirror of what is possible today and a window into what can be achieved in the future.

"Word is out that the Computer Animation Festival is one of the premier venues for showcasing artistic talent in the film world. In fact, we witnessed a remarkable 25% increase in submissions from 2005 to 2006, and with that increase the competition amongst films is fierce," stated Terrence Masson, the SIGGRAPH 2006 Computer Animation Festival chair from Digital Fauxtography Inc. "The bar of excellence has risen even higher and this year's crop of accepted pieces is diverse, thought-provoking, and technically superb."

Click here to learn about the winners and the 97 accepted films from 16 countries.

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Registration for SIGGRAPH 2006 is quick and easy. For those who register now, early-bird registration rates are available across all categories. For the first time ever, Conference Select attendees can attend Panels. This is just another example of how SIGGRAPH is making every effort to provide more value for each attendee dollar. The early-bird registration deadline is 23 June.

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In addition, conference housing is now open to all attendees. Due to the popularity of Boston in the summer, attendees should book rooms early to receive the best rates. The most geographically preferred hotels fill up first, so attendees are encouraged to make reservations as soon as possible. Attendees wanting to take advantage of the shuttle bus service need to book rooms through the SIGGRAPH hotel reservation system.

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Final Call for Sketches - Deadline 12 April

SIGGRAPH Sketches is a dynamic program covering a broad spectrum of topics in art, design, science, and engineering. Subjects include provocative speculation, academic research, industrial development, practical tools, and behind-the-scenes explanations of commercial and artistic works.

“A focus for 2006 is to reach out to new audiences and also encourage contributors in other areas [Papers, Emerging Technologies, Guerilla Studio, Art Gallery] to submit companion pieces to Sketches,” stated Hanspeter Pfister, SIGGRAPH 2006 Sketches Chair from Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories. “The subject may be a new way of using an old technique or a completely new procedure. International participation is especially encouraged.”

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Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies Content 'Pioneering'

From virtual open heart surgery to a forehead retina system that could help the blind to fountains and gaming, the SIGGRAPH 2006 Emerging Technologies program will feature a broad range of installations from research labs, universities, independents, and industry giants that explore the possibilities of what might be the next layer of interplay between humans and digital systems.

“It is inspiring that such depth of technology and creativity in human/computer interaction will take place in a region known for its great achievements in technology and research,” commented Tom Craven, SIGGRAPH 2006 Emerging Technologies Chair recently retired from The Walt Disney Company. “This is truly pioneering work and we are excited to see the reaction in Boston.”

Interface with SIGGRAPH 2006 Emerging Technologies.

Art Gallery

Art Gallery Offers Wide Spectrum of Masterful International Work

SIGGRAPH's 2006 Art Gallery Intersections will explore new territories and will traverse traditional boundaries seldom approached in the art community. More than 100 artists and their 149 respective accepted pieces will represent 16 countries.

Main categories for the artwork include:

  • Wall Hung
  • Installations
  • Interactive, Monitor-Based
  • Electronically Mediated Performance
  • Theater
  • Art Animations

"The artists who produced this body of work represent some of the best in the world at their craft," stated Bonnie Mitchell, SIGGRAPH 2006 Art Gallery Chair from Bowling Green State University . "The breadth and depth of the content is staggering and should leave attendees breathless."

Discover the SIGGRAPH 2006 Art Gallery.


Wanted: Developing Research

Professionals and students still have time to submit current research projects in development to the Research Posters program. This area focuses on the latest developing research in computer graphics and interactive techniques that may not have advanced far enough to be considered for other programs.

“Research Posters is a unique opportunity to witness concepts still in progress or not 100% finalized,” stated Mike McGrath, SIGGRAPH 2006 Research Posters & Student Research Competition Chair. “It is also an opportunity for students to break into the research field.”

Submissions are encouraged from researchers in all areas of computer graphics and interactive techniques, especially from fields not previously represented at the SIGGRAPH conference.

Students who submit work also have an opportunity to participate in the ACM SIGGRAPH Student Research Competition (SRC). Students can request that their submitted and accepted posters be sent to the SRC for entry in the competition. Student winners receive awards and recognition, and may also receive funding to attend SIGGRAPH 2006. For more SRC details, click here.

Don’t delay, the deadline is 11 May. For more details, click here.


SIGGRAPH 2006 Exhibition: New Trend on Recruiting

SIGGRAPH exhibitors are using the exhibition floor for more things than just selling their products – they are actively using it as a recruiting tool as well.

“In today’s competitive marketplace companies differentiate themselves by the talent they have working for them,” stated Mike Weil, SIGGRAPH Exhibits Manager. “We have noticed more and more exhibitors taking on greater booth space to not only allow their customers to feel at ease in examining their products, but also to provide a separate area for recruiting new talent as well.”

In fact, current exhibitor participation is outpacing recent years. For more details on exhibiting or sponsoring, contact Mike Weil at

Job Fair

Job Fair Expands at SIGGRAPH 2006

Based on attendee feedback, the SIGGRAPH 2006 Job Fair will expand to offer a third day for attendees and respective employers. In addition, new features and technology have been added for employers to advertise their openings – whether exhibiting at the Job Fair or in the Exhibition.

Employers – Discover new recruitment enhancements.

Jobseekers & Networkers – Explore how you can increase the chances of finding a career boost at SIGGRAPH 2006.

The SIGGRAPH Job Fair is 1-3 August.


Boston Highlights

Join the SIGGRAPH 2006 Boston Revolution

The next SIGGRAPH destination, Boston, is one of the world’s premier destinations for higher education and technology research — a perfect fit for SIGGRAPH Conference & Exhibition! In addition, it is closer to many European countries so international participation is expected to increase. While attending SIGGRAPH, take time to soak up all the technology and industry expertise that the Northeast Coast has to offer including:

MIT Museum Tour
Explore the museum’s ongoing and changing exhibitions, developed from MIT’s long-held role in the history of modern science and technology. Don’t miss the latest offering from MIT’s Emerging Technologies Gallery. For more information on the MIT Museum, visit them online.

MIT List Visual Arts Center
List Visual Arts Center, located on the campus of MIT, explores challenging, intellectually inquisitive, contemporary art making in all media. Its purpose is to enjoy art's traditional focus on aesthetics as well as explore art that examines cultural, social, scientific, and economic contexts. Artists of national and international stature, as well as emerging artists, are featured. Admission is free. Click here for more information.

News, Notes, & Miscellaneous

CG Workflow: A Monster Performance

SIGGRAPH 2006 is a fantastic place to learn about best practices for CG workflow. In Millimeter's feature on the Oscar-winning graphics of King Kong, see the digital pipeline used to optimize creativity for this "monster" of a film. Click here for full story.


It is no secret that attending a SIGGRAPH Conference and Exhibition is a rare opportunity to rub elbows with some of the most established and experienced people from around the globe. However, for many attendees SIGGRAPH is also a place for establishing their career and for building important industry contacts. Many of the most established and successful industry giants made their first steps at a SIGGRAPH conference and exhibition. Who are these folks? To find out who some of these giants are, look to the current SIGGRAPH Conference and Exhibition advertisements running in major industry publications or click here to see just who might be sitting next to you in an upcoming conference session.


SIGGRAPH Trivia 2006

Trivia, Teapots & Free Prizes

SIGGRAPH 2006 is presenting an exhibition of real and virtual teapots to showcase the long association of the teapot with the worlds of computer graphics, art, and our host city of Boston. The exhibit will contain juried and curated work.

Each SIGGRAPHITTI is featuring one industry-related Teapot trivia question that tests the depth of your knowledge pool. Get it right and increase your chances of staking your claim as a SIGGRAPH Teapot Expert.

All correct entries received by 14 April 2006 (5pm CST) will be entered into a pool and a winner will be selected at random. The next SIGGRAPHITTI will feature the correct answer and that month's winner. Winners receive super-cool, official SIGGRAPH 2006 Conference Polos (a $40 value). Only contestants who attend SIGGRAPH 2006 are eligible. Prizes distributed at the conference and exhibition.

Last Month's SIGGRAPHITTI Teapot Trivia Question:

Name the company that produced the original teapot used by Martin Newell for modeling, the year it was produced, and the location it now resides.

Answer: In 1974, Melitta produced the original teapot that Newell used for modeling - it now resides at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.

Congratulations to last month's winner was Frank Nielsen of Sony Computer Science Laboratories Inc @ Tokyo, Japan - who was one of 45 correct entries (winner is randomly chosen from all winning entries).

This Month's SIGGRAPHITTI Trivia Question is:

To what country and century can the first teapot be traced?

Click here to make your stand as a Teapot Expert.

Please note: Entries must be received by 14 April 2006 to be eligible for prize and must include your full name/company affiliation.

Image Credits: Rogue IV © 2004 Eric Heller | Tentacle Tower © 2005 Yoichiro Kawaguch | Transparent Blue © 2004 Kumiko Kushiyama | Love Letters © 2005 Jeffrey Paul | Mirror_SPACE © 2005 Newport School of Art, Media and Design | MIT | Tomohiro Tochi |

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