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GraphicsNet is the digital infrastructure of SIGGRAPH 2005. Its high-bandwidth network facilitates state-of-the-art interactive graphics experiences, delivers access to every machine in the convention center, and distributes everything from collaborative exchanges to email, very large graphics files, multimedia streams, and web content.

The network is comprised of fiber and fast Ethernet (100Mbs) links connecting the presentation rooms for Courses, the Educators Program, Emerging Technologies, Panels, Papers, Sketches, Special Sessions, and the Web Program. Two DS3 circuits connect the conference to the internet.

SIGGRAPH 2005 provides wireless Ethernet access in most areas of the Los Angeles Convention Center. To use the wireless links, attendees should have their own wireless (802.11b) cards. Some presentations offer audience participation via wireless.

Please refer to your laptop operating system and client adapter documentation and follow this procedure:

1. Document all exisiting TCP/IP and wireless configuration information before you make any changes.

2. Configure your laptop to use DHCP.

3. Configure your wireless adapter Network Name (SSID) to be "S2005".

4. Disable encryption on your wireless adapter.

The SIGGRAPH 2005 wireless network provides open, unencrypted communciations for conference attendees. The system is not secure and can be monitored by others.